Dr. Noémie Le Pertel, EdD, MS, MPH, MAPP

Dr. Noémie Le Pertel serves as a senior fellow and founding chair for the Economics of Wellbeing and Global Human Flourishing Working Group at the Human Flourishing Network, housed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Dr. Le Pertel is an affiliate research scientist with Harvard SHINE, at the Harvard School of Public Health. She also serves as a senior advisor for Gallup and coaches for select global clients. She is passionate about empowering people to create flourishing in life and at work, and driving systems-level transformation with a lens on human sustainability. 

Dr. Le Pertel completed her doctoral dissertation research at the University of Pennsylvania on workforce flourishing: engagement, burnout, and mental health in 122+ countries with Harvard School of Public Health and a multilateral global bank. Dr. Le Pertel serves as a learning coach for executives at INSEAD business school and is an instructor for Stanford University’s BeWell initiative, where she teaches Sustainable Happiness: Global Human Flourishing, for university staff. Dr. Le Pertel is founding curator for the Global Shapers NYC Manhattan Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum designed to empower young leaders to effect local and global impact in their communities.

Dr. Le Pertel is an international consultant, researcher, and executive resilience coach for global financial, legal firms, and government institutions through her consulting firm. She is the Founder/CEO of the Center for Positive Leadership, LLC empowering the fulfillment of potential through human- centered, whole-person leadership through embodied neuroscience for over 20 years. She helps leaders with strategy and behavioral neuroscience to create sustainable performance, impact, and resilience.

Clients include United Nations, European Central Bank, NN Investment Partners, KBC, Columbia Business School, Ireland’s Health Service Executive, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, AppNexus, CHUBB, AACSB, Etsy, AbbVie, New York Times and the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum. She has worked with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on cultivating positive leadership and resilience for senior leaders and diplomats.

Dr. Le Pertel was invited to be one of Marshall Goldsmith’s top 100 executive Coaches.

It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.