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Led by Founder and CEO Dr. Noémie Le Pertel, the Institute for Global Flourishing is an evidence-based consulting firm helping to create human flourishing and embodied resilience with a lens on organizational health at micro, meso, and macro levels for a sustainable future.

Dr. Le Pertel serves as a senior fellow and founding chair for the Economics of Wellbeing and Global Human Flourishing Working Group at the Human Flourishing Network, housed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Dr. Le Pertel is an affiliate research scientist with Harvard SHINE, at the Harvard School of Public Health. She also serves as a senior advisor for Gallup and coaches for select global clients. She is passionate about empowering people to create flourishing in life and at work, and driving systems-level transformation with a lens on human sustainability. 

Our Services


Consulting & advisory services

Based on evidence-informed strategy, we develop custom programs and initiatives to act on key targets and outcomes. This may include large-scale change initiatives across the organization to align resources during mergers and acquisitions, and effect sustainable culture change. We have a team of senior advisors who serve as consigliere innovation officers for a variety of needs related to resilience and human flourishing.


Executive resilience coaching

We hold the space and partner with successful leaders to expand your vision, tap into your own innate energy and purpose, revitalize your workforce, cultivate agility and resilience, and build a thriving culture where individuals and communities can co-create sustainable human flourishing and innovate impactful change.


Research & strategy

We conduct needs assessments to identify areas of greatest potential impact. We do research on relevant metrics to develop a baseline. Based upon the results, we advise and develop custom strategy for 1-3 year cycles. We then measure the efficacy of interventions implemented in order to evaluate and meet emerging needs for sustainable impact.

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